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I liked that, you did really well with the frame-by-frame there. It could have stood to be a bit longer, of course, and I thought the gradient background in the one shot took away from the animation. But it was definitely good overall.

How long did that take you, out of curiosity? Also, what were you using to draw? Did you do everything in Flash? Did you use a tablet?

I'm looking forward to seeing your future works.

LocalNeroflash responds:

i made it for 4 hours with pauses
yes i did every thing at flash.
and dont laugh now but what is a tablet?
(im from sweden u know)

Ridiculously cool

Holy crap, where to start...

First, I can't believe you did all this for a high school final. Talk about going above and beyond.

Next, your Japanese was dead-on. I'm not a native speaker, but everything sounded correct. Translations were done excellently too, but they should be, since you made it :) I'm impressed at how well you speak Japanese for being in high school. There are people in my 3rd semester course here at college who would have been lost.

I really enjoyed the couple little things that you had to know some Japanese for -- Shiken as the one boss plus the double meaning between the name and kanji, the Mahou eraser ... :)

Also, the sounds and music are done excellently, as are the voices. The animations are a lot better than so many of the entries here, too.

My -only- gripe would be to add a restart button at the end, rather than having it automatically restart, and maybe have a preloading screen leading up to the start/continue screen, where you have some "I'd rather start my save game" message if you click on the start button rather than the continue button. But these don't take away from the enjoyment of the movie at all.

The bottom line is that this is an absolutely awesome movie. Great work!

Mousekliks responds:

Thanks for noticing the Shiken pun! I'm really proud of that one. I actually don't plan on altering the beginning, 'cause that's the way it was made for presentation (originally it was exported as an .avi file on CD). But I did make a preloader. Maybe I'll put scene selection into there, even though it might seem more clever to put it in as save slots.


I thought this was pretty funny. The voices were well done and creative. I'm looking forward to sequels.

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Good style

You're right, the game itself could still use some polish. But you have very good style -- I was caught at the preloader. Don't stop working on this game, I'm sure it could get a daily award, especially if you can program some AI (I know how difficult that is, but keep at it!).

Holy cow!

That is some great artwork there! Good job on that! I can't wait to see what you do with your friend's pictures, either!

RegisCartoons responds:

pieoncar ! Thanx for a great mark. I'm very glad that you liked my art. BTW, I'm drawing more than 17 years and photoshoping - only two weeks :)

I liked this

But it was definitely incomplete -- there was no way to lose or anything, was there? I think you could really use this idea creatively in another game, though -- maybe have multiple glowing balls moving on a track or something, for a start. I'd definitely be interested in seeing a "sequel" to this that took this idea and ran.

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